Am I living my dreams
or am I losing it?

Yes, I am that girl that photoshops B.A.P's faces onto everything.

I'm an art graduate/gifer that likes to stalk your tags. If you're funny, I'll probably like you.

I bleed B.A.P, inhale Bangtan, side-eye Block B, and cry over Infinite.

Bunny | Alien | Kitty

I don't know how my own brain works but I like laughing. Feel free to drop a message in my inbox!

Don't repost my stuff anywhere.

To my followers: THANK YOU

For sticking up for me and for all your wonderful messages.

I really love you guys and thank you for putting up with all those messages in the past hour.


To my recent followers: this doesn’t happen very much so sorry you came at a time like this :’(

1 year ago on 18 Mar, 2013
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posted 1 year ago @ 18 Mar 2013
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