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[!] List of people that edit fantaken pictures and reposters (B.A.P, Block B, others)

In light of the recent boom in reposters, I have made this list in attempts to stem the flow. It’s frikking ridiculous that I venture into the tags and 75% of the posts make me question whether or not it’s a post or a repost.

We all know that reposting is frowned upon and in a general consensus, is very annoying and disrespectful among gifmakers/artists/editors. We also know that taking fan-taken photos and editing them when they no-editing is a huge no-no.

Why reposting/editing is bad: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3

These are some people that others and I have found continuously reposting/editing and that:

1. I or someone else has gotten in contact with and either they

a) said they wouldn’t keep reposting and kept reposting

b) said they didn’t care and would keep reposting.

2. Have their ask boxes turned off and I can’t get a hold of them so now they’re here

I have blocked these people from my dashboard and I suggest you do it too so you don’t accidentally reblog a repost/edit.

If there is anyone else that you know that should be added to the list, please message me. I will try to update this post every month.

Please spread the word if you can. Thank you.

1 year ago on 2 Jan, 2013
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#B.A.P #Block B #K-Pop #reposter #notice
posted 1 year ago @ 02 Jan 2013
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