Am I living my dreams
or am I losing it?

Yes, I am that girl that photoshops B.A.P's faces onto everything.

I'm an art graduate/gifer that likes to stalk your tags. If you're funny, I'll probably like you.

I inhale Bangtan, bleed B.A.P, cry over Block B.

Bunny | Alien | Kitty

I don't know how my own brain works but I like laughing. Feel free to drop a message in my inbox!

Don't repost my stuff anywhere.

claritv-deactivated20131218: reposting to me is just so wrong. it's like i copied your essay, wrote my name on it, but at the last little corner i wrote "credit to ___", yet i'm still expecting myself to get the good marks on my report because of the essay you wrote. what is credit, and so what if you wrote credit to the owner? you're still the one getting the credit, you're still the one receiving all the attention and notes, and after a few reblogs, that 'credit to ___' will be deleted by someone who reblogged it. ugh.


This is a really good analogy o.o I was using an analogy kinda like it but with an art gallery xD

1 year ago on 5 Dec, 2012
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